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Notices triggered by hold shelf expiration not received as expected



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    • Q3 2020 Bug Fix


      Overview: Tried two requests – one should have been triggered by the hold shelf expiration criteria defined in the Send Notices - LT policy and Send Notices - ST policy. None of the notices were received.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Setup a request for item About Bridget Riley :selected writings 1999-2016 /edited by Doro Globus and Karsten Schubert (DVD) and user Darcy Branchini
      2. Checked in item at requested service point of Darcy Test SP (hold shelf expiration is one hour).
      3. See circulation rules and notice policy (attached screenshot) where notice should be sent upon/at hold shelf expiration.
      4. See service point configuration and request (attached screenshot) where hold shelf period is one hour and it expires at 11/6 8:38 am.

      Expected Results: Receive request confirmation, available - awaiting pickup notice and hold shelf expiration notice.
      Actual Results: Received request confirmation and available - awaiting pickup notice, but did NOT receive hold shelf expiration notice.

      Additional Information: Same thing happened recall request for item Charlotte Smith in British romanticism /edited by Jacqueline Labbe. and user Darcy Branchini. See attached emails for recall request confirmation and available awaiting pickup.

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