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Allow renew of Aged to lost item when renewal would not change the due date



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      1. Scenario
        • Given a renewal that has failed for the following reasons
          • Item status is aged to lost
          • Renewal would not change the due date
        • When the renewal failure modal displays
        • Then display the following controls on the modal:
          • Override
          • Close
      2. Scenario
        • Given the modal in scenario 1
        • When the user clicks override
        • Then display the Override & renew modal
          • Display date picker above table of items
          • In New due date column for item with failed renewal for both reasons in scenario 1, display “Select new due date above”
      3. Scenario
        • Given the Override & renew modal from scenario 2, with all required information entered
        • When the user clicks Override
        • Then:
          • close modal
          • increment # of renewals for loan by 1
          • change due date to date selected in Override & renew modal
          • change item status to checked out

      Originally reported as bug with following behavior:

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log in as a user with all permissions
      2. Navigate to a loan for an item that is aged to lost, with a loan policy that would not change the due date if item was renewed
      3. Renew the item, and override the failed renewal

      Expected Results: Renewal override succeeds, and item status changes to checked out
      Actual Results: Renewal override fails. Failure does not display in standard failure modal.

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