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Incorrect due date/time shown on check in receipt after renewal



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      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Setup a notice template and policy for check out and check in and appropriate circulation rules
        • I'm using one of the following circulation rules this test:
          • m dvd + g darcy-test: l 10-min r recallhold n send-notices-st o 1-per-minute-count-closed-no i no-lost-item-fee
          • m book + g darcy-test: l 1-week r recallhold n send-notices-lt o no-overdue-fine i no-lost-item-fee
        • Policy: send-notices-st OR send-notices-lt
        • Template: Check Out Receipt - ST, Check In Receipt - ST, Test check out receipt, OR Check In Receipt - LT
      2. DVD with barcode checked out to user Darcy Branchini at 12:12 pm with a 12:32 pm due date/time
      3. Received check out notice
      4. Waited for item to be overdue
      5. Received overdue notices (only one example provided)
      6. Renewed item and new due date/time is 12:52
      7. Received renewal confirmation
      8. Item is already overdue (that's a different known issue that Emma will address)
      9. Received overdue notices
      10. Checked in item
      11. Received check in receipt

      Expected Results:
      Notices received with accurate token values

      Actual Results:
      Notices were received and most had accurate token values, except the final check in notice references the original due date/time instead of the renewal due date/time.

      Additional Information:
      See attachment for emails received.

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