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Extend/rename fee/fine tokens available to automated fee/fine notices



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      Split into: CIRC-787, CIRC-788, MODFEE-74, MODFEE-72.

      Use cases - Automated fee/fines

      • A patron borrows an item, it's overdue. The patron returns or renews the item on day 5. The policies are setup so that a fee of starts on day 3 at a rate of $1.00/day and notices are sent upon charge. A notice is sent to the patron indicating they've incurred a fee of $2.00 (with reference to the item returned/renewed late.)

      Fee/fine tokens

      Scenario 1 - Original FE story

      • Given edit or create screen for a patron notice template with a category of "Automated fee/fine charge or adjustment"
      • When the curly braces icon (for inserting a new token) are clicked in the rich text editor
      • Then the following fee/fine charge tokens are available (from account record):
        • feeCharge.owner (previously fee.owner)
        • feeCharge.type (previously fee.type)
        • feeCharge.paymentStatus (new token)
        • feeCharge.date (new token)
        • feeCharge.dateTime (new token, but maybe actionDateTime worked for charges too?)
        • feeCharge.amount (fee.amount)
        • feeCharge.remainingAmount (fee.balance)
      • And all user tokens are available
      • And all unavailable tokens are disabled/greyed out (UICIRC-459)

      Scenario 2

      • Given an automated fee/fine charge notice
      • When sent to a user
      • feeCharge tokens (listed above) embedded in the template are rendered as actual values

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