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Claimed returned: resolve as lost



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      Purpose: Patrons may think they have returned items that are still showing as checked out on their account. When this happens, the item is still considered loaned to the patron, but the library will treat the item differently from other items on the patron's account (the item will not be considered overdue, and it will be searched for extensively). Eventually, even if the item has not been found, the library will stop searching and resolve the claim, in effect deciding whether the library misplaced the item (and the patron shouldn't be blamed) or if the patron misplaced the item (and should be charged).


      1. Scenario
        • Given an open loan for an item with the status Claimed returned
        • When the user selects Declare lost
        • Then display a confirmation modal:
          • Heading: Confirm Declared lost status
          • Text: <title of item> (<material type>) (Barcode: <barcode>) will be declared lost.
          • Text input:
            • Label: Additional information* (required)
            • Field help text: Enter more information about the lost item (required)
          • Buttons:
            • Cancel
            • Confirm (activate once user enters required text)
      2. Scenario
        • Given the Declared lost modal
        • When the user clicks confirm
        • Then change the item to declared lost
          • Change the item's status to declared lost
          • Create the fees and fines specified by loan policy (UIU-1220)
      3. Scenario
        • Given the Declared lost modal
        • When the user clicks cancel
        • Then do not change the status of the item


      • Similar to declaring an item lost as in UIU-1202 (did not repeat all scenarios here)

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