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View/edit/preview pick slip (aka call or page request slip)



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      User story
      As a FOLIO administrator
      I want to be able to configure the template for a pick slip
      So I can customize the data that displays on the slip and


      1. Scenario
        • Given Settings > Circulation > Staff slips
        • When displayed
        • Then a fourth type of slip should display called "Pick slip" in alphabetical order along with Hold, Request delivery and Transit slips
      2. Scenario
        • Given the new Pick slip option
        • When selected
        • Then the view mode of the slip should display in a fourth pane (similar to Transit, Request delivery and Hold slips)
      3. Scenario
        • Given the new Pick slip option
        • When edited
        • Then the following data elements should display:
          • Name - Not editable, display Pick slip
          • Description - text area, not required
          • Display - text area with a rich-text editor with ability to insert tokens (for field values), not required (No new tokens)
      4. Scenario
        • Given the edit view of the Pick slip
        • When displayed
        • Then:
          • "Save" button should display
          • An X will display in upper left to close the form
      5. Scenario
        • Given the edit form for the Pick slip contains unsaved changes
        • When I click the cancel X in the upper left or any other navigational elements aside from the Save button
        • Then I will get the unsaved changes modal:
      6. Scenario
        • Given the View mode of the Pick slip
        • When displayed
        • Then all the data from the edit page will display read-only as is the case with the Transit, Request delivery and Hold slips


      Purpose: The purpose of this story is to define how the Preview function should work for a pick slip in Settings > Circulation > Staff slips

      User story:
      As a FOLIO admin who has configured a Pick slip in Settings > Circulation > Staff slips
      I want to be able to preview my slip
      So I can get a sense for what the slip will look like before enabling

      Slip Preview Example:

      Pick Slip for The Wines of Italy
      Finney, Ross L.; Weir, Maurice D.
      New & Noteworthy - TK7871.15.F4 S67 1988 - Handbook
      c.2; no.1-3; v.27 1964-1967 (Board)
      Location: Main Library Reserve


      1. Scenario
        • Given the preview button on the edit and view pages of Settings > Circulation > Staff slips > Pick slip
        • When clicked
        • Then should display as it would print (as styled in the editor) with placeholder values for tokens
          • No new tokens for this slip

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