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Unexpected request status/Cannot have more than one request with the same position in the queue



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      This bug has been hard to replicate. I did record a [screencast of it](https://youtu.be/fETAUsDa_NM) (though it is not the most tidy presentation ever) – and I have a [longer recording](https://youtu.be/K_uogSqVtok) which includes 4 minutes of possibly irrelevant muddling around, but is where I created the initial requests.

      NOTE: There are some repro steps to check and test in CHAL-49, as well

      I am in the BugFest q3.2 environment, and logged in as mwalter.

      As best as I can make out, these are the important things I did:

      Create two requests under item A.
      Create four requests under item B (same instance).
      Check in both items so that they are placed in transit.
      It will be impossible now to move either request in position 1.
      Move the request on item A in position 2 to item B.

      This is where I got the error described above.

      I have also seen this wording in a JSON modal format (see screenshots), but I have not been able to replicate that under controlled circumstances.

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