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BE - Recall notice trigger confusing (who does it send to?)



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      Notices defined in the policy under the "Loan" category will always be sent to the current borrower; whereas, notices under the "Request" category will always be sent to the requester. See UICIRC-321 for related story regarding cleanup of event triggers.

      Given an item that's currently on loan by Patron A
      When a recall is placed on that item by Patron B
      Then a "recall" notice is sent to Patron A to inform that the item has been been recalled by another patron
      (And a "recall confirmation" notice is sent to Patron B to confirm the receipt of their request)

      Given a notice policy
      Allow operator to add a notice that would be sent to the current borrower to indicate that the item has been recalled by another patron

      • Add "Item recalled" as a "Triggering event" under "Loan" accordion section
      • Remove "due date change" under "Request" accordion section

      Original bug reported:
      Steps to repro:

      1. Logged into folio-testing as diku_admin
      2. Found user with last name Kautzer and changed email to cboerema@gmail.com
      3. Created a patron notice template for recall notice
      4. Created a patron notice policy called "send notices" and added the recall notice to that policy with trigger = recall
      5. Checked an item out to Kautzer (ABA Journal which is Text so it gets a fairly long loan policy)
      6. Created a recall for ABA Journal - This changed the due date appropriately in FOLIO
      7. Checked my gmail for a notice - No notice
      8. Spent about an hour changing things in the notice policies and retesting until I finally tried adding another patron notice triggered by Due date change
      9. This finally worked for me and sent a notice to the current borrower when the recall was submitted - Phew!

      Expected: Can I propose a rename of the triggers to avoid confusion? They were suuuuper confusing to me. Something like the following:

      • "Recall (sent to requester)" (currently called "Recall", I think)
      • "Recall/other due date change (sent to borrower)" (currently called "Due date change", I think)

      Actual: Completely confused, lots of time wasted

      Development notes:

      • Change patron-notice-policy-storage required interface version to 1.0;
      • Replace "Recall loanee" to "Item recalled" in all places and fix tests if necessary.
      • Change "Hold Expiration" to "Hold expiration"

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