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Checked out item status changes when moving request



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      Steps to repro:

      1. Log into folio-testing and find and Instance with two available copies (I used Temeraire)
      2. Check out copy A ( barcode 653285216743) to borrower X (I used Cate Boerema)
      3. Create a request for copy B (barcode 645398607547) with any requester (I used Walker)
      4. Since this copy was Available, the request type was Page
      5. Now create a request on copy A for any user (I used McKenzie)
      6. Since this item was Checked out, I was able to choose between recall and hold as request type. I chose recall, but I think this bug repros when you choose hold, as well.
      7. Now move the Walker request from copy B to copy A
        1. I am prompted to select a new request type which is good (I chose recall)
        2. The Walker request goes to the top of the queue for Copy A which is good because it is the older request and should be fulfilled first
        3. Copy B's item status goes from Paged to Available which is perfect because it no longer has any requests on it
      8. View Cate Boerema's user record and then drill down to the loans and open loan details for the current loan. OUT OF SCOPE BUGs:
        1. For the initial recall, there are two rows showing in Loan action history (known issue CIRC-289). Once we fix CIRC-289, there should only be a row displaying for when the due date actually changes.
        2. When I moved Walker's request, 3 rows were added to the loan action history table.
          1. The first has no due date change (this should go away after we implement CIRC-289)
          2. The second two show an extended due date which is really weird because (1) per CIRC-316 scenario 2, the due date and time should not be modified since the item was already recalled and (2) it doesn't make any sense that a recall would extend a due date/time. There seems to be a bug here with the due date time changing which only occurs for short term loans (I will file this separately) CB: This bug only seems to occur for short term loans when there is no recall return interval or minimum loan period defined. This is such an edge case, I am not going to spend more time writing up a bug.
      9. Now move McKenzie's request to Copy B
      10. The system automatically converts request to page which is perfect

      Expected behavior: The item status of Copy A should stay Checked out

      Actual behavior: The item status of Copy A has changed to Paged

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