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Send hold request-related notices (time based)



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      7/12/2019 - Merged this with CIRC-387 and closed.

      Hold requests include items that are currently checked-out by another patron (Patron A). A hold request restricts Patron A from renewing the item. This differentiates it from a recall request where Patron A must return it sooner than the original due date/time. Once the requested item is returned, it is routed to the requested location, if necessary, and then placed on the hold shelf.

      The hold request process prompts several patron notices. Specific notices are outlined below.

      For each of these scenarios, exact timing and conditions are determined by a combination of notice policies and circulation rules, and exact wording is determined by templates. Each of these specific scenarios may or may not be used by every institution. If there's no corresponding policy defined in settings, then these scenarios won't apply.

      Depending on how notices are configured, Patron B would have already received a hold request confirmation notice. This notice is not time based but instead triggered by the hold request event so they are not listed below.

      Courtesy and overdue notices might be sent, but they are sent via their associated loan related notices. See UICIRC-221.

      Scenario 1
      Given a requested item for hold with a status of awaiting pick-up
      When it is not picked up and/or it's nearing hold expiration
      Then send a reminder notice to requester (Patron B in diagram)
      (May be none to many sent depending on when the item is returned and policy settings.)

      Scenario 2
      Given a requested item for hold
      When it is not picked up and its hold expires
      Then send an hold expiration notice to requester

      Scenario 3
      Given a requested item for hold
      When the request period expires
      Then send an request expiration notice to requester

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