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Change Paged Item's Status To Available When Queue is Emptied (Requests Are Cancelled or Moved)



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      Purpose: When an available item is requested, its status changes to Paged. The purpose of this story is to revert the item status back to Available request queue is emptied while the item is still paged (either because all requests in queue were cancelled or moved (see UXPROD-1653 for move stories)

      User story:
      As a librarian
      I want paged items for which all requests have been cancelled or moved to switch back to the item status they had before they were requested (currently that can only be Available, but in the future there may be other statuses that apply such as Recently returned)
      So they don't need to be collected from the shelf and scanned into Check out just to change the status and return to the shelf again


      1. Scenario
        • Given an item with item with status = Paged
        • When the request queue becomes empty (because all requests in the request queue for that item are cancelled OR because they are all moved (this isn't possible yet - see UXPROD-1653 for stories) OR for some other reason we haven't yet considered)
        • Then:
          • The item status should become Available
          • A popup should alert user to the fact that cancelling the last request will change the status to available (CB: Cate to split this out to a separate frontend issue, as it's not trivial to do)
      2. Scenario
        • Given an item with status = Paged with one request on the paged item
        • When the request expires (Request expiration date is in the past)
        • Then the item status should stay Paged
          • Ideally it would go to Available, but per Marc, our expiration process cannot set the item status in this way
          • This is such an edge case that the RA SIG was okay with the request status staying Paged
          • In order to transition it out of that state, it will need to be checked in (it will be included in the page request pick list report so it will be picked up)

      NOTE: If you have an item with status = Paged and a queue with a page request in position 1 and a recall or hold in position 2, if you cancel (or, eventually, move) the page in position 1, the current situation is:

      • The request that is now in position 1 does not become a page request
      • The item status remains paged
        Per RA SIG, this behavior is good as-is.

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