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Two Entries in Loan Action History When Recall Requested - Every Request Created Should Display One Row



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      Steps to Repro:

      1. Log into folio-testing
      2. Go to inventory and find an item that is available
      3. Check it out to User A
      4. Go to requests and create a recall request for the same item
      5. Go back to Check out app and click the ellipses on the loan and choose Loan details to go to Loan details for that item

      Expected: Only one row should display in Loan actions table for the one recall that was created

      Actual: Two rows display

      Additional info:This only seems to apply to recall requests and may have something to do with how the due date is changing. It seems like the first row is before the due date changes and the second one is after. We would only want to capture the one where the due date changes.

      NOTE: I checked with the SIG to see if they really wanted to see all requests on this page or only those that changed the due date. The confirmed they want to see all requests for the item while the loan is open, whether the request changes the due date or not HOWEVER, they later agreed to just showing those that change due date, if it is much easier to accomplish. Given that, I have created a clone of this bug with the different expected behavior for us to point and compare: CIRC-289

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