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HOLD: Recall is Changing Due Date When Not at Top of Queue



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      Steps to repro:

      1. Log into folio-testing
      2. Create a loan (loan gets full loan period, as there are no recalls in the queue)
      3. Create 2 hold requests (these are in position 1 and 2 of the queue)
      4. Due date doesn't change, as hold requests do not change due dates
      5. Create a recall request for that item

      Expected: Due date should not change as this recall is not in position 1 of the queue (not sure now what is expected - see additional info and comments below)

      Actual: Due date is changed to minimum guaranteed loan period for recalled item (plus recall return interval per logic specified in CIRC-203)

      Additional information:

      • I just checked CIRC-203 and it looks like it was never specified that the due date should only change when recall is in position 1
      • However, for other behavior that is controlled by existing recall (such as the block of the renewal) we are checking only the recall in position 1: CIRC-201
      • I don't know what to do here. On the one hand, it seems like the right thing to do is to be consistent and only look at the request in position 1 when determining whether the due date should change HOWEVER the plan is eventually to auto-sort requests so that a hold request would never be in a higher position than a recall request (see UXPROD-1558) and, even when we implement manual re-sorting of the queue, it will never be the case that a hold is higher position than a recall (see UXPROD-1242). So, once the system is where we want it to be, this will never be an issue.

      I think I might have talked myself out of this bug.

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