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Modify Allowed Recall to Item Status Combos According to Whitelist



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      Purpose: We have added a number of new item statuses but we have not indicated which request types are allowed for all of these new statuses. The purpose of this story is to extend the Recall to Item Status Whitelist on the backend so that it reflects the current thinking of the SIG. Eventually (aspects of) this whitelist will be tenant-configurable (see UXPROD-1320 for details on that).

      User story
      As a user who is recalling an item
      I want the system to tell me if the item cannot have that type of request on it because of its status (e.g. Available items cannot be Recalled because that just doesn't make sense)
      So I don't set up invalid scenarios
      This also helps eliminate some scenarios we'd otherwise need to code and test for


      1. Scenario
        • Given a item
        • When a recall request is attempted
        • Then the backend should check the whitelist to determine if the request is allowed and, if not, reject it
        • NOTE: The UI will disallow creation of invalid combos per UIREQ-209
        • NOTE: The page request to item status combinations are covered in UIREQ-157
        • NOTE: The recall request to item status combinations are covered in CIRC-208

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