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Due date is calculated incorrectly when fixed due date schedule is used



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      ssahu wrote in RRT chat:
      Wellesley reported that loan due dates are not set properly at the time of check out even though the fixed due date schedule is applied on the item .
      I tried to replicate the issue in Lotus Bugfest (https://bugfest-lotus.int.aws.folio.org/) and it is replicable.
      Steps to reproduce:
      1) Login to a Lotus bugfest environment
      2) Created a fixed due date schedule "Skidmore test" with two date ranges:
      Date range 1- 09/23/2022 - 09/25/2022. Due date-09/25/2022
      Date range 2- 09/26/2022 - 09/28/2022. Due date-09/28/2022
      3) Created a loan policy "Skidmore test Loan Policy" with the above fixed due date schedule attached.
      4) Check out an item to which loan policy "Skidmore test Loan Policy" applies on the day when second due date schedule starts.
      I used an item with material type audio – audio roll/loan type alternate (item barcode: 41111111112) and patron barcode 148935711 for the checkout today on 09/26/2022.

      The expected due date should be 09/28/2022 but it is showing 09/25/2022 which is the due date of previous due date schedule.
      Expected Results:
      09/28/2022 due date
      Actual Results:
      09/25/2022 due date
      Module versions:

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