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TLR: Item assigned to recall should not be renewable



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      Overview: An item assigned to a title level request recall should not be allowed to be renewed
      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log into MG bugfest
      2. Find (or create) an instance with multiple associated items
      3. Find (or create) loan policies that both allow and disallow renewal of loans when there is a hold on the item
      4. Configure circulation rules such that both of the loan policies from step 2 apply to the items from step 1 (depending on the patron)
      5. Check out all items associated with the instance from step 1, ensuring that at least two loans receive receive each policy (we need to to ensure that the item assigned by the system to fill the recall is not the only one that has a particular policy)
        1. It may be useful to ensure that the loan chosen by the system to be recalled has a loan policy that would allow renewal when there are open holds on the item. Recalled items should never be renewable without override. This can be done by setting the due date on the desired item to be earlier than the rest.
      6. Place a TLR recall on the instance from step 1
      7. Attempt to renew all items (you may need to change the loan due dates, eg. to a day earlier than originally set)

      Expected Results:

      1. Loans with associated loan policies that allow renewals when a hold exists on the loaned item are renewed 
      2. Loans with associated loan policies that disallow renewals when a hold exists on the loaned item are NOT renewed
      3. The loan for the item that is assigned to the TLR recall is NOT renewed, regardless of which policy it has

      Actual Results:

      1. Works as expected
      2. Works as expected
      3. The loan for the item that is assigned to the TLR recall IS renewed

      Additional Information:
      On MG bugfest, I used Steph's testing title, mgin00007443039
      Loan policies Steph renewal yes and Steph renewal no
      Circulation rules at the bottom of circ rules editor
      Interested parties:

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