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IF TLR with no existing item OR with request type = Hold, then item tokens that are linked to instance are not populated (scheduled notices)



    • EPAM-Veg Sprint 146, EPAM-Veg Sprint 147
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    • Morning Glory (R2 2022) Bug Fix
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      The fix for this issue relies on Scenario 2 from CIRC-1290, which was never implemented, so this ticket covers the implementation of this missing logic too. This bugfix deals with scheduled (expiration) notices only, immediate notices are covered in CIRC-1558.

      IF I place a title level request (TLR) on a title, to which no item is tied, OR on a title, which has an item whose status IS NOT available + request type = Hold, 
      THEN 3 patron notice tokens are not populated:

      I would expect them to populate, because this information actually lives on the instance (title), not on the item.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log into Snapshot
      2. Create a notice template for TLR, containing these fields, and add to the TLR notice settings.
      3. Look for 3 instances:
        1. one having an item with status = Available
        2. one having no item
        3. one having an item with status DOES NOT EQUAL Available
      4. Create a TLR for the instance with the availale item. The request type = Page. Then, the item data is then pulled into the request.
      5. Create a TLR for the instance with no item. Select request type = Hold. Then, no item data is pulled into the request.
      6. Create a TLR for the instance with the not-available item. Select request type = Hold. Then, no item data is pulled into the request.

      Expected Results:

      I expect the instance data to appear on all emails.

      Actual Results:

      For the instance with no item, or the not-available item, no data is populated into the fields. This means that the patron doesn't know which title the request was placed on.

      Additional Information: 

      During the stand-up on 7 July, we discussed having a quick fix to pull in the instance data for these 3 tokens. Julie will take care of communication to the community + own getting a feature set up for the thorough new work that should happen regarding this.

      Interested parties: stephaniesbuck 

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