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Error 500 in Items In Transit report



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      MSU is reporting that they are getting 'HTTP 500 Internal Server Error.' in the API response and on the UI while downloading the intransit items report. We have attached the logs for one such API call from the UI and have attached the logs for the same. Could you please check the logs for the prod env and check if something seems wrong.Please let us know in case any further details are required for investigation.
      Related module versions
      @folio/circulation-log 2.1.1
      @folio/circulation 7.0.3
      Circulation Module (mod-circulation-23.0.10)
      Circulation Storage Module (mod-circulation-storage-14.0.2)
      Inventory Module (mod-inventory-18.1.9)
      Inventory Storage Module (mod-inventory-storage-23.0.5)
      users (mod-users-18.2.0)

      Steps to reproduce:

      • Go to Inventory
      • Click on Action
      • Click on 'In transit items report(CSV)'
      • Error dialog box appears and file is not downloaded.


       Request URL: /inventory-reports/items-in-transit?limit=10000&offset=0
      Request Method: GET
      Status Code: 500
      date: Wed, 03 Aug 2022 12:51:22 GMT
      HTTP 500 Internal Server Error.
      If the issue persists, please report it to EBSCO Connect.
      Additional Observations:
      We are not able to reproduce the same issue in bugfest-lotus env or community url's at the moment. However, in bugfest-lotus , it is taking too long for API run and not getting any response as well.

      Update from mnoumankhan:
      As of now only MSU(Missouri State University) has reported this error but we spot checked in few other libraries and it seems to be occurring there as well. The priority could be P2.

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