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IF TLR with no existing item OR with request type = Hold, then item tokens that are linked to instance are not populated (immediate notices)



    • EPAM-Veg Sprint 146, EPAM-Veg Sprint 147
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    • Morning Glory (R2 2022) Bug Fix
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      The fix for this issue relies on Scenario 2 from CIRC-1290, which was never implemented, so this ticket covers the implementation of this missing logic too. This bugfix deals with immediate (confirmation and cancellation) notices only, scheduled notices are covered in CIRC-1593.

      IF I place a title level request (TLR) on a title, to which no item is tied, OR on a title, which has an item whose status IS NOT available + request type = Hold, 
      THEN 3 patron notice tokens are not populated:

      I would expect them to populate, because this information actually lives on the instance (title), not on the item.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log into Snapshot
      2. Create a notice template for TLR, containing these fields, and add to the TLR notice settings.
      3. Look for 3 instances:
        1. one having an item with status = Available
        2. one having no item
        3. one having an item with status DOES NOT EQUAL Available
      4. Create a TLR for the instance with the availale item. The request type = Page. Then, the item data is then pulled into the request.
      5. Create a TLR for the instance with no item. Select request type = Hold. Then, no item data is pulled into the request.
      6. Create a TLR for the instance with the not-available item. Select request type = Hold. Then, no item data is pulled into the request.

      Expected Results:

      I expect the instance data to appear on all emails.

      Actual Results:

      For the instance with no item, or the not-available item, no data is populated into the fields. This means that the patron doesn't know which title the request was placed on.

      Additional Information: 

      During the stand-up on 7 July, we discussed having a quick fix to pull in the instance data for these 3 tokens. Julie will take care of communication to the community + own getting a feature set up for the thorough new work that should happen regarding this.

      Interested parties: stephaniesbuck 

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