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Loans with fixed due date loan policies are having their due dates set to original loan period (based on loanDate) due date on recall



    • EPAM-Veg Sprint 137
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    • Vega
    • Lotus (R1 2022) Bug Fix
    • NONE. Recall and overdue notices are sent to the patron immediately (if applicable) upon recall, based on the erroneous due date. The due date can be manually adjusted post hoc, but the "damage" has already been done from the patron's side.
    • MO State, OTHER
    • Implementation coding issue



      When recalling loans with fixed due date loan policies that have been renewed in a new loan period or had their due dates changed to a date after the original due date, the loan's due date is being set to the due date specified for the original fixed due date period for the loan's loanDate.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. In FOLIO snapshot, create a loan policy with a fixed due date schedule with at least two fixed due date schedule periods
      2. Loan an item in one period and renew it in the next or change it's due date to a later date (the loanDate MUST be in a previous fixed due date period)
      3. Place a recall on the item

      Expected Results:

      The recalled loan's due date is determined according to recall due date handling configuration of the applicable loan policy.

      Actual Results:

      The recalled loan's due date is set to the due date specified for the loan period that corresponds to the loan's loanDate value.

      Additional Information:

      This behavior is exhibited in both MO State's and Massey University's environments, and is observable (via loan history) in MO State's environment as early as February of 2021.

      Interested parties:

      cmalmbor timdarlington marka marcjohnson evaluk

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