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Two recall-related automated patron blocks are not being enforced



    • EPAM-Veg Sprint 136
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    • Vega
    • Lotus (R1 2022) Bug Fix
    • Implementation coding issue


      Overview: A patron with 3 overdue recalled items is not being blocked when the "Maximum number of overdue recalls" Limit is set to 2 and the "Recall overdue by maximum number of days" is 0.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Login to Lotus BugFest with an admin account
      2. For 'Maximum number of overdue recalls", set the Patron block: Limit _for to 2 for the patron's _Patron group
      3. For "Recall overdue by maximum number of days", set the Patron block: Limit _for to 0 for the patron's _Patron group
      4. Check out 3 items to a test patron, making sure they will be due soon
      5. Enter recalls for all 3 items
      6. After the items have become overdue, open User Details for the test patron

      Expected Results:
      'Maximum number of lost items' block is in effect (because the user has 4 items lost, and the limit is 3)

      Actual Results:
      Two blocks should appear (e "Maximum number of overdue recalls" and "Recall overdue by maximum number of days"
      (I even waited a day to see if that made a difference, but it did not)

      Additional Information:
      Attachment Recall-blocks-not-working-1.jpg shows the 3 items that are overdue and all have one recall
      Attachment Recall-blocks-not-working-1.jpg shows how the Patron block: Limits are set
      Attachment Recall-blocks-not-working-1.jpg shows the block is not appearing

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