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Without Calendar permissions, check-ins do not calculate overdues



    • EPAM-Veg Sprint 125
    • 2
    • Vega
    • R3 2021 Bug Fix
    • Cornell, MO State, TAMU, Warner


      To Fix:

      Add calendar.opening-hours.collection.get as a subpermission to ui-checkin.all


      Warner University had noticed that when their student workers checked in overdue materials, fines were not calculating as expected.  When staff did, the fine calculated.  Research found that this was due to the Student Worker permission set missing calendar.opening-hours.collection.get permission

      The fine policy that was being applied had 'Count closed days/hours/minutes' set to 'no'.  So it makes sense that the calendar was being consulted, but invisibly preventing fines from calculating because the user did not have calendar permissions seems like unintended behavior.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Create (or use) a overdue fine policy with 'Count closed days/hours/minutes' set to 'no', and some value of fine set to accrue.
      2. Create (or use) a loan that uses the overdue fine policy defined in step 1, and allow it to go overdue long enough to have accrued fines.
      3. Create (or use) a permission set with circulation permissions, but without calendar.open-hours-collection.get (which is part of calendar.all)
      4. Create (or use) a user account with the permission set defined in step 3 to perform the checkin of the loan defined in step 2

      Expected Results:

      Overdues calculate and are charged to the patron according to the terms defined in the overdue fine policy defined in step 2

      Actual Results:

      No fines are calculated

      Interested parties:  ByWater Solutions

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