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Incorrect calendar display and incorrect fine



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      We’re working on calendar exceptions and have a discovered a display issue in the calendar and an issue of fines being charged incorrectly.

      First, the display issue. On 7/1 I created an exception on 1 SP calendar that set 7/2 as closed. When I looked at the exception calendar display, however, it showed that the exception started on 7/1. See screenshot below. In researching the data in the *_mod_calender.actual_opening_hours table, I saw that the exception for the closed day was listed as beginning at UTC 7/2/2021 00:00, which when converted to America/Chicago, comes out as 7:1/2021 18:00. This likely explains why the calendar display is a day off.

      Then I tested to see if it was merely a display issue or an operational issue.

      1. 7/1/2021 16:17 I checked out an item with a 4-hour loan period at the service point where 7/2 had been set to closed. Item had a temp location of blcc stk, which has Business Library Circulation as it primary circ point.
      2. The item was checked out using an overdue fines policy that charges $3/hr and doesn’t charge for hours that the library is closed. (see screenshots for overdue policy and loan policy)
      3. System showed the item as being due at 7/1/2021 20:17. That’s correct, so it wasn’t actually considering that we closed at 7/1/2021 18:00.
      4. I checked in the item at the appropriate SP at 7/2/2021 9:04, when the exception for closed was still in effect. By my calculation, it should have charged no more than $12 for overdue (7/2/21 0:00 - 7/1/21 20:17 = 3:43:00) because the overdue fines policy was set NOT to charge fines when closed. However, it charged $30 as if for 10 hours. Which I can’t figure either, because 7/2/2021 9:04- 7/1/21 20:17 = 12:47:00)

      The display issue is merely annoying, but it does degrade confidence in the system because it requires people to trust something that appears to be incorrect. But the incorrect fines issue, if I’m right in my analysis, is much more serious. It means that every overdue fine charged during a closed day or perhaps any exception period will have to be adjusted. And since overdue fine notices typically go out automatically, that creates a very serious public service problem.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Set up loan and overdue fine policies as listed in screenshots on case
      2. Set a service point exception as sp closed for next day
      3. Create an item record in appropriate location with 4-hour loan type and check it out at SP where closed day is set more than 4 hours before closing
      4. Next day check in item during closed period at SP

      Expected Results:

      1. Exception calendar displays appropriate day for SP as closed.

      2. User is charged overdue fine only for hours when SP is open to discharge date/time
      Actual Results:

      1. Exception calendar displays closed date as starting 1 day before actual date

      2. System charges user overdue fine for hours when SP is closed.
      Additional Information:
      Interested parties: hollyolepm

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