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Loan due date not truncated for patron expiration for some scenarios when CDDM is move to end of PREVIOUS open day



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      Related to implementation of CIRC-886 - truncated due date based on patron expiration. When closed due date management settings equal move to the end of previous open day and the patron expiration is before the previous open day, then the loan due date was incorrect.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Setup a loan policy with Closed due date management equal to move to the end of previous open day and a 5 day loan (Settings > Circulation > Loan policies)
      2. Add loan policy to circulation rules (Settings > Circulation > Circulation rules)
      3. Setup a user with an expiration date that will be prior to the previous open day
      4. Check out item to the user created above that meets conditions of circulation rules and applies the loan policy created above
        • Checked out on 6/3/21
        • To a patron that expired on 6/4/21

      Expected Results:

      • Due date with closed due date management and patron expiration should be 6/3/21, which is the same as check out since patron expiration is 6/4 and that's a closed day.

      Actual Results:

      • Due date is 6/6/21

      Additional Information:

      • Original due date before closed due date management or patron expiration is applied would be: 6/8/21
      • Due date with closed due date management but NOT patron expiration is applied would be: 6/6/21
      • See spreadsheet for two specific use cases that failed, including this one outlined.

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