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Change age to lost processes back to Okapi timer



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      For 2021 R1, the age to lost processes were no longer scheduled for execution by the system (using an Okapi _timer interface) in order to meet to urgent need to allow tenants to choose when these processes are performed

      Following the 2021 R1 release, hji from the EBSCO FSE folks and jroot from the Sys-Ops SIG have expressed concerns the administrative burden this approach places on system operators.

      Okapi has been enhanced to support both cron style timer configuration and the ability to change a timer configuration after a module version has been enabled.

      These enhancements mean that it is possible to achieve the same flexibility as the short term solution offered without the need for external development (it will still require active management by the system administrators)


      • Reintroduce a _timer interface for these processes
      • Remove the age-to-lost-background-processes interface
      • Documentation for how to configure this needs to be added to the module (and linked to from the relevant release notes)


      • A version of Okapi needs to be released to support these new features
      • The hosted reference environments / scratch environments need to be updated to use this version of Okapi
      • The current scheduling in the hosted reference environments needs to be removed


      • The default gap between executions of these processes starting is 30 minutes and they run all of the time


      • We need to figure out how to test the configuration of the schedule after the module is enabled. It might not be possible to do this in the hosted reference environments
      • Similar to the urgent change, there is no checks in place for concurrent execution of this process, the more likely it is that processes could overlap and produce unexpected behaviour

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