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Some or all circ notices are missing from scheduled notices, ditto some on-demand notices



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    • TAMU's test environment running Honeysuckle (seen on both Goldenrod and Honeysuckle).

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      Because we are not in production, we send all circ notices to the same email address, folio_user@library.tamu.edu, which is set up as separate mailbox. Late in the period when we were up on Goldenrod, we noticed we weren't getting any scheduled notices (overdues & courtesies). We waited until we got Honeysuckle going until we did any investigation. Once Honeysuckle was up, we started receiving some notices daily, but not all of the ones we were supposed to received, based on a comparison of tamu_mod_email.email_statistics (which lists the notices delivered to smtp) and tamu_mod_audit.circulation_logs (which lists the notices the system thinks it delivered). 

      On several different days I cross-checked the email stats vs the circ log and found that scheduled notices delivered were only 40%-60% of what the circ log said should have been delivered. I tried to find a pattern in the failures as to service point or template, but there was none. Each service point saw some notices delivered and some fail, ditto template. We have also worked with our computer center to see if there was some kind of smtp error in that the notices were being created but not delivered. They didn't see any such errors; as far as we can tell, the html containing the notice just isn't being created at all.

      Now we are seeing the same phenomenon we saw in Goldenrod, i.e. there are been NO notices created for our tamu instance since 4/13. Yet the circ log says we should have received the following notices for the past several days.

      4/14  56
      4/15  61
      4/16  96
      4/17  84
      4/18  72
      4/19  38
      4/20  99
      4/21  97

      Finally, we aren't receiving all of our on-demand notices either. When I create a fee/fine against a user record or take an action against a fee/fine, sometimes it creates the appropriate notice and sometimes not. 

      Expected Results:

      Number and type of notices scheduled to be delivered or generated by manual processes are crafted and delivered to mailbox.
      Actual Results:

      Every day, some or all of scheduled notices are not crafted. Manual processes do not always reliable deliver notices either.
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