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Errors when filtering on recall requested



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    • R1 2021 Bug Fix


      Overview: Service point and source data is missing when filtering on Recall requested or when filtering by item barcode that has been recalled
      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log into FOLIO 
      2. Go to Inventory
      3. Go to Inventory and find any item that has status other than Available
      4. From the pane header dropdown on the item record, click "create request"
      5. This will open the request form with the item details prepopulated
      6. Choose recall from the request type menu
      7. Select a requester
      8. Choose fulfillment preference = Hold shelf (Delivery doesn't work yet in FOLIO)
      9. Choose pickup service point and save
      10. Copy the barcode
      11. Go to circulation log
      12. Paste the item barcode into the barcode field and click reply
      13. View recall requested data
      14. Clear the filters
      15. Expand the Loan section and select recall requested
      16. View recall requested data 

      Expected Results: When filtering on recall requested or by item barcode that has been recalled, all data fields should be filled. Recall requested should appear once per item. 
      Actual Results: Service point and source data are missing from the circ log. The circ log also loads the same recall requested data twice. Different data appears in snapshot and testing environments, and by the way an item is filtered - by item barcode or Recall requested filter.
      Additional Information:
      URL: https://foliotest.testrail.io/index.php?/tests/view/652222 

      Bug found in monthly regression testing environment.

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