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Remove override-renewal-by-barcode endpoint



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      This is a spillover (technical debt) from R1 "block override" features.

      Currently, only patron block can be overridden with a regular renew-by-barcode endpoint. If there are any other blocks, they need to be overridden by a call to override-renewal-by-barcode (patron block is also overridden in this case).

      All of these blocks need to become a single block that can be overridden with a call to a regular renew-by-barcode endpoint, just like patron block. Functionality of the override-renewal-by-barcode endpoint should be transferred to renew-by-barcode. After that, override-renewal-by-barcode should be removed and all of it's tests should be rewritten to use the new API.

      List of errors that are overridden by override-renewal-by-barcode (taken from FE code) that should be combined to a single block:

      • loan is not renewable
      • item is not loanable
      • item is Declared lost
      • item is Aged to lost
      • renewal date falls outside of date ranges in fixed loan policy
      • items cannot be renewed when there is an active recall request
      • loan at maximum renewal number
      • renewal date falls outside of date ranges in the loan policy
      • renewal would not change the due date
      • profile "" in the loan policy is not recognised

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