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SPIKE: Aged to lost process needs to be able to be scheduled by the institution



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      Holly learned today that there isn't a way to for institutions to schedule the aged to lost process to run at their discretion. This has been a requirement from 'Day 1', as listed in the original user story CIRC-737 (see second bullet of the General Information section). In the test environment the dev set up the aged to lost process to run every 30 minutes so that we don't have to wait long to see the test results, but Holly did explain that this is not how the production sites will be setting up the process. The production sites tend to run the aged to process daily, overnight. This is a 'showstopper' for sites going live in July like Chicago and Cornell. There may be others. There is supposed to be a 'scheduler' in FOLIO. I believe the patron notices uses some form of a scheduler, but it is not robust.

      Update: The 'scheduler' feature (UXPROD-594) was closed as 'Won't do'. Cate included this comment: "Jakub Skoczen and Vince Bareau have decided this feature is not needed after all. Rather than building a shared Scheduler component, modules will build in the necessary scheduling functionality natively. Removing this from Q1 2019. I'll let Jakub Skoczen refactor or close this feature as he sees fit." So, we have to build the scheduling piece ourselves. This will also be needed for UXPROD-105.

      Expected outcome: Plan for how sites will schedule aged to lost process to run weekly, daily, at set time. Making use of existing tools on server is o.k. We don't necessarily have to build something.

      First steps:

      1. Meet with Jakub and Vince for more details about why UXPROD-594 was cancelled.
      2. Meet with Sys Ops & Mgt SIG to discuss using CRON jobs.
      3. Meet with Vega to learn about how patron notices are scheduled.

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