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Received requested item awaiting pickup reminder notices after cancellation



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      Overview: When testing CIRC-993 on https://bugfest-honeysuckle.folio.ebsco.com/, I cancelled a few requests, and every time I cancelled a request, I received two notices. One referencing the cancellation as expected and other was an awaiting pickup reminder notice.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. I submitted a page request for user (darcy-test patron group) and item (book material type) at 3:57 (Chicago time was the tenant's locale timezone which is one hour behind my local time)
        • Specific item:
        • Specific user:
      2. I received confirmation notice as expected
      3. I checked in the item at Darcy Test SP at 3:57 (to trigger it's available - awaiting pickup)
      4. I received item available for pickup notice as expected
        • Hold shelf expiration date/time on the notice was 4:42 as expected
      5. I received an item available for pickup reminder notice (triggered by before hold shelf expiration date/time configuration) at 3:59 – This should not have happened, but I believe it's caused by the configuration for service point with a hold shelf expiration of 45 minutes and a notice policy for a reminder notice to be sent 1 day before the expiration. It appears it was scheduled and sent immediately.
      6. Cancelled request
      7. Received a cancellation notice as expected at 4:37
      8. Received an item available for pickup reminder notice at 4:37 – This should not have happened. And it seems to be easily reproducible as it happened a few times upon cancelling a request.
      9. Received a hold shelf expiration notice (triggered by upon/at hold shelf expiration date/time configuration) at 4:43 – This should not have happened.

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