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Item not cleared of Hold shelf clearance report after check in




      Repo steps:

      1. Go to inventory and open Item X
      2. Create a request on the item for SP1
      3. Duplicate that request to create another request for a different requester at SP2
      4. Check in the item at SP1 to make it Open - Awaiting pickup
      5. Edit the first request to put the Hold shelf expiration date in the past OR cancel it
      6. Wait a few minutes for the request to change to Closed - Pickup expired or Closed - Cancelled
      7. Run the hold shelf clearance report for SP1
      8. Verify that Item X is on the report (it is)
      9. Check in Item X at SP1
      10. System will tell you to route the item to SP2
      11. Re-run the Hold shelf clearance report again to verify that Item X is no longer on it (it isn't)
      12. Now check Item X into SP2 to make it Awaiting pickup at that SP
      13. Now re-run the Hold shelf clearance report again for SP1 to see if Item X reappears on that report

      Expected: Item X should not be on the Hold shelf clearance report for SP1

      Actual: Item X reappears on the Hold shelf clearance report for SP1

      Also test above repro steps but where the second request also has pickup service point SP1

      What happened:

      The problem is: The item is still appearing on the Hold shelf clearance report for Kuggen (see attached) which is leading circ desk staff to think it's missing.

      There are several other requests that have shown up on clearance reports but not appeared on the Hold shelf. I haven't been able to investigate each one yet, but here are the IDs and some notes from siska:

      Here are the requests that have been missing from the holdshelf when clearing. I've reached to three of the patrons and gotten answers about if they've picked up the request or not.
      df02d34f-7f69-426e-86e8-c660f692b08a migrated request
      db06cfa0-9b0d-4d2f-bc8e-253f7bb05737 migrated request
      738971c0-206a-479c-854c-eeb2a13ffc25 paged 2019-10-02. Patron has not borrowed the request.
      ba986356-8ef1-42bb-a643-6bc075474e56 migrated request.
      8a30fcef-a534-461d-85af-71aaa4143865 migrated request. Patron has not borrowed the request
      5a04a584-2b30-42eb-9aaf-2d7926637892 paged 2019-10-03. Patron has borrowed the request (edited)

      Two new requests that was on the clear holdshelf report but wasn't on the holdshelf:
      0a2899ba-241b-4aee-ae8b-1f2adee30465 migrated request
      449b3ee0-6e30-4b67-af1a-4af38dc891eb Recall 2019-10-03

      I found 0a2899ba-241b-4aee-ae8b-1f2adee30465 on the holdshelf at Main library, it was on the clear holdshelf report at Kuggen today. Why was it on the report when it's on the hold shelf here for another patron?

      Background on how these were migrated (though I don't currently think the fact they were migrated requests is really relevant here):

      1. Requests that were "awaiting pickup" in Sierra were migrated as page requests into FOLIO
      2. They were then manually checked in at the pick up service point which changed their status to Awaiting pickup and set their hold shelf expiration date
      3. My understanding is that the hold shelf expiration date was set to 2019-10-23


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