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Check in takes ~4 sec when item has request on it



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      Steps to repro:

      1. Log into Chalmers environment OR Bugfest https://bugfest.folio.ebsco.com/ (ping me if you need login details)
      2. Find an item in inventory
      3. Check it into the check in app
      4. Takes 2 seconds
      5. Now add a request to that item
      6. Check it in again

      Expected: Check in should take less than one second after any notes have been presented regardless of whether there are requests or not

      Actual: Takes 4 seconds when there is a request on the checked in item. I added another request and the performance was still 4 seconds.

      Additional info:

      • While checking in an item that hasn't been requested is taking twice as long as it should (2 seconds instead of one) the focus of this issue should be the 4 seconds it takes when the checked in item is requested. We need to address this first.
      • In some cases, some popups will display on the check in screen before the item has actually been checked in For example, if the item is a multipiece item or if there are check in notes. These popups are displaying really quickly and don't seem to be an issue. Also, they don't seem to be contributing much to the overall latency when checking in a requested item. If you measure the time passed after these popups are closed before the item is actually checked in, it still takes 4 seconds.
      • 2019-09-19 Screencast showing bug in Bugfest environment: https://www.screencast.com/t/1zhK5C0b2oES

      OLD RECORDINGS ------------------------------------------------------------------

      Additional info: The last recording shows that there are also performance issues saving a changed item record and saving a new request. I will create separate bugs for those.

      NOTE: I tested this on kriolofs computer and it wasn't as slow, but it seems like it might get slower the more you do it.


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