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Unhelpful errors from UI when user with no service point opens Requests app



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      Steps to reproduce

      1. Log in as a user who has the relevant permissions for using the Requests app, but no service point assigned
      2. Click on the Requests app

      Expected result

      One of two things could happen:
      a) the Requests app opens without problems
      b) a helpful error message lets the user know that they cannot (fully) use the Requests app without first assigning themselves a service point

      Actual result

      The user gets a series of unhelpful error popups informing that "operation GET on resource 'expiredHolds' failed, saying: No suitable module found for path /circulation/requests-reports/hold-shelf-clearance/ for tenant". After clicking Ok on all these modals, the Request app successfully opens.

      The errors are caused by this request that is made when you open the Requests app:


      when the only request format accepted by requests-reports is



      There are two issues here:

      1. Since you get these errors but can still open the app, it's very ambiguous whether having an assigned service point should be a prerequisite for opening/using the Requests app.
      2. To the typical FOLIO circulation user, these error messages are extremely unhelpful. If having an assigned service point is mandatory for using the Requests app, trying to open the Requests app without an assigned service point should result in a helpful error message like the one the same user would get trying to open the Check in app.


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