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Empty fields and accordions clutter the view n Inventory (instance, holding and item "view mode")



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      Steps to reproduce:

      1.Go to Inventory, and open an Instance, Holdling or Item record in view mode. Examine the displayed fields and accordions.

      Expected result:
      Only accordions and fields containing values are displayed. This makes the view easy to navigate for the eye.

      Expected result:
      All accordions and fields are displayed, regardless of whether they contain any data or not. This makes the view easy to navigate for the eye.

      We believe that it would be much easier to get a good overview of an Inventory record, and for library staff to locate the relevant data, if fields and accordions not containing any data were simply not displayed in view mode. The one expection to this that we can think of is "Loan & availability" on the item record - it seems to make sense to have those more dynamic, circulation related fields with system-generated data always visible.

      I've made some screen shots with the "unwanted" empty fields circled in red, to give an idea of how cluttered the view can feel.


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