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ISBN and Invalid ISBN identifier types not showing properly on Lotus BF



    • Kitfox
    • Lotus R1 2022
    • Data related (ex. Can be detected with large dataset only)


      Overview: Instances with source = MARC and with ISBNs (MARC field 020) are not showing the ISBN/Invalid ISBN identifier type for instances that were migrated from Kiwi to Lotus (I think it's the migrated instances)

      Current workaround: No good one, since it affects 1M+ instances. I can edit a record in quickMARC and it will update the instance, but that is not workable to fix the display of all of the affected instances.

      Steps to Reproduce:

      1. Log into Lotus Bugfest
      2. Go to Inventory and look up some records, e.g. Harry Potter
      3. Review the instance details of the record. Make sure the Source = MARC
      4. Go to the Identifiers section of the Instance
      5. Check to see if there are any identifiers with Identifier type = -
      6. If yes, go to Actions/View source, and check which MARC field that identifier comes from (it probably will be 020)
      7. Close View source
      8. Go to Actions/Edit MARC Bibliographic record, and make a change in the 260, 264, or 300 field of the record. Then save the updated record.
      9. View the Identifier section of the Instance

      Expected Results: The Instance identifiers without an Identifier type should have identifier type of ISBN (if 020$a) or Invalid ISBN (if 020$z)

      Actual Results: They don't, unless the record is edited in QM and routed back through the default MARC Bib-Instance map

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